Founder - Glen Wood

Glen Wood founded Wood Brothers Racing in 1950 under a beech tree on his family’s homeplace in Buffalo Ridge, Virginia. He held an astonishing record as a driver and team owner. In 2012, Glen was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame as a driver and team owner. Having built a stable and highly respected race team, he spent much of his later years semi-retired and the day-to-day management of his race team was turned over to his children. He split much of his time between entertaining visitors with his wife Bernece at the Museum in Stuart and gardening. In January of 2019, he passed away at age 93, leaving an immeasurable mark in the NASCAR community and a legacy that will never be matched.

President, Co-Owner - Eddie Wood

Eddie, the oldest of Glen’s children, began his racing career by working at his father’s shop as a teenager doing odd jobs. In his early days, Eddie did the paint and bodywork on the famous Ford and Mercury cars and later was a chassis specialist. As time progressed, Eddie, along with brother Len and sister Kim, found themselves heavily involved in the day to day operation of the team. Eddie now manages team marketing efforts and other various aspects of operations.

Executive Vice President, Co-Owner – Len Wood

Early on, Len wanted to know how things worked. With an educational background in electronics, Len, the younger of Glen’s sons, began working with his engine-building Uncle Leonard. The elder Woods served as the mentors who instilled knowledge and values to their second generation racers. After years of getting his hands dirty in the engine room turning wrenches, Len was ready to help manage the team. He now assists his siblings in the day-to-day decisions and operations of the team.

Chief Administrative Officer, Co-Owner – Kim Wood Hall

Kim, the youngest of the Wood family’s second generation, began her career in racing at a young age. Along with her brothers, Kim received guidance from the family in helping to manage the team. Kim assisted her mother, Bernece, in keeping the books and tracking the business details of the team. She now performs all the duties of team office manager overseeing the complex business operation for the race team.

Senior Vice President, Co-Owner – Jon Wood

Jon first joined the team doing various shop related tasks around age 12. He began driving shortly thereafter, progressing through the ranks to compete at NASCAR’S highest levels. After winning multiple races in the Truck Series, and 2 seasons in the Xfinity Series, Jon joined Wood Brothers Racing & shared part time driving duties in the Cup level. He now actively participates in the day to day operations of the company’s merchandising and business development.

Vice President of Communications, Co-Owner - Jordan Hicks

Jordan has had various roles since joining the team at age 16. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration degree. Prior to working full-time at Wood Brothers Racing, she worked in Publishing and New Business at NASCAR and held various responsibilities at Motor Racing Network. Jordan now manages the team’s marketing communications, including website and social media platforms, and public relations.

Sr. Vice President, Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Co-Owner - Keven Wood

Kevin Woods 506x480Kevin Woods 506x480
Keven is the only child of Len and Nancy Wood. He has been around racing all his life but his personal interest was ignited when he got his Driver’s License.  Keven began racing when he was 18 years old, in the Legends Series. He was a National Champion at the Semi-Pro level. He moved from Legends to winning several Late Model Stock Car races.  From there he progressed to racing in the Nascar Truck Series.  During that time and currently, Keven assists his father in whatever needs to be done in the day to day operations of the family business.